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What is a Furry?
"Furry" are called after "fur". It refers to animals created by humans, by giving them a human appearance, some kind of anthropomorphism. This phenomenon is not very well-known in France, though it is more spread than we could think: for example, Mickey and all the Disney's characters are furries. Yes, there are plenty of them! Here, they'll be represented as drawings, real masterpieces done by nature's lovers… Why are we tenderly appealed by these creatures? Because mankind love animals, but is afraid of them (the Lion, for example). With the furries, this is different, it's like we've got in front of us an animal able to understand us without behaving aggressively. Why? Because the artists transmit admirably our feelings in these animals. I hope I taught you about the topic, and I wish you a good visit!

Here, you can admire pictures and drawings, animals, fan arts of videogames, dragons, or furries.

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